Dutch – English Translations

Whether you’re in the Netherlands or Belgium, getting your content into English is vital to ensure you achieve maximum reach. As native speakers of English and fluent in Dutch,

rely on us to translate your Dutch content into UK English in a way that makes you stand out. Our Dutch-English translators have spent time living in the Netherlands, so they are very familiar with the history, culture and lifestyle of the Dutch.

Once you’ve sent us the document for a free non-binding quote, we work with you to guarantee we meet all your needs. We endeavour to maintain the same tone in our translations as is found in the original. However, we are well aware that translating idioms such as “iets onder de knie hebben” does not mean “to have something under your knee”, but rather “to have a thorough knowledge of something”. Machine translators do not understand idioms or other emotion-filled statements, which is why you should rely on us as fully human translators.