Meet our Team

Liam professional translator

Liam Richardson

Founder & DE-EN Translator

“Having been the chatterbox of the home as a boy, Liam’s love for verbal and written communication has only grown with time. As a digital native with an eye for fine details, German grammar has long been a favourite of his. When not immersed in a translation, you’ll find him watching football and reading good books.”


Natalie Smith

Dutch-English Translator

“Ever since learning a few simple phrases in German at primary school, Natalie has been fascinated by German and its sisters, not only also studying Dutch at university, but Luxembourgish too. When she isn’t satisfying her Germanic curiosity you can find her playing the flute, piano or steel pans!”


Chantelle Fiske

German-English Translator

"Since learning German at school over a decade ago, Chantelle has always had a keen interest in translation and particularly loves to expand her knowledge of German idioms. Her meticulous nature means that accuracy and conveying the right tone are of great importance to her. Outside of translation, she enjoys listening to music or going further afield to explore new countries."

Joy Winch face

Joy Winch


"As a well-educated English native speaker, Joy excels at writing beautiful, fluent English texts. When not studying for her degree in Business and Management, Joy enjoys cooking and baking as a way to express her arty side, hoping to go on to develop her own baking business in the future."